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9. 2. 2009
There are many kinds of films: action films, comedies, horrors, westerns, war films, adventurous films, sci-fi, historical films.
 You can also watch some documents: about disasters, nature, art and history.
I LIKE: ……………………….. because ………………
I DISLIKE: …………………… because ………………
I HATE: ………………………. because………………..
You can watch films on TV or in the cinema, or you can hire a DVD. When you watch a film at home, it’s more comfortable. You can eat and drink what you want when watching, and you can lie on the sofa or sit in the armchair; you can stop the DVD or change the channel on TV if you don’t like the film. It is also much cheaper to watch films at home, because the cinema tickets are quite expensive.
 On the other hand, going to the cinema is a type of social activity – especially when a new film is on (e.g. with your favourite actor, or when the story is attractive).
In the Czech Republic: the films, directors, actors and actresses can win the Czech Lion. It’s an award of the Czech Film and Television Academy.
Every year there is an international film festival in Karlovy Vary, where the authors from all over the world compete for the best film (the award Crystal Globe).
The most famous film award is called „Oscar“ = the American Academy Award.
Oscars are awarded for best picture (= film), best actress, best actor, best supporting role, directing, music,…). Oscar is a small golden statuette of a man.
Two of the Czech films won the Oscar for the best foreign language film:
 „Closely Watched Trains“, and „Kolya“
In a theatre, you can see a play – a comedy, a tragedy, a tragi-comedy, an opera or a ballet, or you can listen to a concert of classical music.
There is a very festive atmosphere in the theatre. People dress up: women usually wear a dress or a costume, and men wear a suit, or trousers and a shirt. They take off their coats in the cloakroom. They can have a seat in the stalls, in the boxes or on the balcony. The actors are on the stage and spectators sit in the auditorium.
 When the curtain goes up, the performance begins.
There is the Vrchlický Theatre in Louny.
 The most famous Czech theatre is the National Theatre in Prague. Then there are Vinohrady Theatre, Stavovské Theatre and many others.
Have you ever seen a play, ballet or concert in the theatre?
A lot of children play some musical instrument in music schools. You can play the piano, the flute, the violin or the guitar,….
 People listen to music on various radio stations or buy CDs. On Tv there are several music channels, MTV, VH1, the Czech music channel Óčko.
In cities, there are concert halls and rock clubs where you can see and hear the bands play. In villages there are mostly village parties with local bands.
Classical music is not very popular with young people nowadays. In spite of that, we can say it is sometimes really beautiful. Some famous composers were:
-the Austrian composer Wolfang Amadeus Mozart – he was very popular in our country in
                                                                                      the past
- the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven and Sebastian Bach
- the Czech composers Antonín Dvořák – with his opera Rusalka, which is world famous
                             and Bedřich Smetana – with his symphony My Country
Elvis Presley – American singer and guitarist; he influenced the rock-and-roll era and became and idol of many people in the world; he died in 1977
The Beatles – a famous British pop group in 1960s. It had four members. They came from Liverpool: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Most of their singles reached number one in the United Kingdom charts. They also shot two films: A Hard Day’s Night and Help. Their songs Yesterday and Yellow Submarine are world famous.
My favourite singer / music group is……………
Cultural life in Louny
-Vrchlický Theatre       – it was first opened in 1950, then again in 2003
                                   - the plays are mostly comedies
                                   - other performances: fairy tales for children, concerts, dance school
- Louny Municipal Library where you can lend books
                                   - you can also visit some lectures about current literature or about
                                   music, or you can attend some art courses (painting)
- the Cinema „Svět“ with a café
- the Benedikt Rejt Gallery       – it has a special architecture
                                               - it’s a gallery of modern art (owned by the state)
- the „XXL Gallery“ – a private gallery
- the Museum – it is divided into two parts: historical exposition and natural-historical
- Open-Air Museum in Březno – prehistoric huts, tools and pottery (ceramics)
- Chateaus near Louny:
                                   Libochovice, Peruc, Krásný Dvůr
- the ruin in Házmburg







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