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16. 2. 2009



Some people try to live and eat healthily. Everybody should have breakfast every morning. The best possibility are cereals or porridge and yoghurt, fruit juice and a tea. Some people prefer a more usual breakfast: a slice of bread or a roll with butter, ham, cheese, marmalade or honey. Someone likes scrambled eggs. Lots of Czechs like strong black coffee in the morning. However, Czech people like drinking coffee any time of day: black (Turkish) coffee, instant coffee or espresso with milk or cream and sugar. Another kinds of coffee start to be popular, such as Latte.

On the other hand, the Czechs are often in a hurry. Lots of them have no breakfast and in the morning they want to leave home as quickly as possible.

 It is usual to have a snack (second breakfast) during the morning: bread with spread, yoghurt, rolls, some biscuits or wafers.

The Czechs like having big lunch. It is the main meal of the day. Some of them eat in canteens, others like going to the restaurant for midday menu. They have typical Czech meals such as meat with dumplings and sauce or schnitzel with potato etc., Chinese meals, Italian meals such as pizza etc.

In the afternoon, they like having something small.

Supper is made late in the evening and mostly it is not very healthy: toasts, scrambled eggs, pizza or sausages.

Czech women like cooking and baking. They like trying new recipes and cooking programmes on TV are very popular.

Traditional Czech meals are roast pork with sauerkraut and dumplings, and sirloin with cream sauce and dumplings. Czech cuisine is not very healthy because it doesn't use lots of vegetables, but it is tasty and popular with foreigners!

The Czechs like drinking good beer (Czech beer is known worldwide for its quality;  it is exported to foreign countries). Especially men like going to pubs where they have their group of friends (women are not fond of this activity).

The Czechs also like drinking wine. Winegrowing and vineyards have their longtime tradition in Bohemia and especially in Moravia, where there are lots of wine cellars with good white and red wines. You can pay for a special trip to a cellar where you can drink and taste wine the whole night.


In different parts of Britain people have different eating habits. They have five or six meals a day: breakfast, elevenses (a morning snack), lunch, tea, dinner and later perhaps supper.
            The British like to begin the day with a cup of coffee or tea. They do not like to hurry when having their breakfast.
             The traditional English breakfast starts with a glass of juice and a cereal, usually cornflakes with milk, or porridge. Then they have fried or grilled bacon and eggs, sausages and grilled tomatoes or spicy beans in tomato sauce. The breakfast is finished with buttered toasts and marmalade (the toast is not fried but dry).
            But such a breakfast is not as common as it used to be. It is served in hotels and restaurants if you ask for English breakfast or at weekends when people have more time. For most Englishmen breakfast is a bowl of cereal, or toast and marmalade. They drink tea or coffee with it.
            In the middle of the morning they have elevenses, which is usually a cup of coffee and biscuits. Sometimes, often at weekends, when they get up later, they have brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch.
            The midday meal is called lunch. It is usually fairly light. If it is the main meal of the day, it is called dinner (which is at Christmas or on Sunday). Lunch often consists of a hot dish (for example soup), or a salad, ham and cheese sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers and a dessert. Lots of people have fish and chips.
            Around four o’clock it is teatime. In Britain it is a special occasion. The traditional tea consists of white or brown bread and butter with cheese, ham or jam, cakes, fruit pies, biscuits and tea or coffee. In Britain, tea and coffee are drunk with milk. Nowadays many people do not eat much at teatime but they have at least one cup of coffee or tea.
             The hot dinner is served around 7 o’clock. It may have three or four courses. It consists of soup or some other starter, then the main course (meat and fish with vegetables), followed by a dessert, and finally perhaps cheese and biscuits.

            Later in the evening they may have supper. It consists of more tea, cocoa, milk, sandwiches, bread and butter, cheese, cakes and biscuits.

    The English are said to boil everything for too long, for example vegetables are "boiled to death" (overboiled). English cuisine is considered to be not very tasty. But you have to try it before you judge it. Maybe you will like the chips with vinegar flavour.


The Americans are generally not fond of cooking. They prefer oven-ready food and so called "TV-dinners" (a complete menu ready for a microwave).ObrazekTV dinner

The Americans love doughnuts (a circle of  dough with a hole in the middle and spread with sugar). And of course - hamburgers! Mostly they drink plenty of coke and eat lots of chips,  french fries and pizza. American nation has to face a big problem: overweight. Even very small children are too fat and suffer from various illnesses connected to overweight.



 - talk about your eating habits during the day!

When we want to celebrate something, or just want to have something good to eat, we go to a restaurant.
          In a restaurant, you have to behave decently. You can book (reserve) your seats, or you can ask the waiter for a free seat when you come there. Then you ask the waiter for the menu and make an order.
         We can order an appetizer, starter, soup, main course, side dishes, dessert and drinks. After the meal, we ask the waiter for the bill. We can share the bill or go Dutch. It is nice when the gentleman pays for the lady but it is not necessary. It is usual to tip the waiter, especially when we are very satisfied with the service.
        There are various types of restaurants: inns, fastfood restaurants (where we can buy hamburgers, French fries etc.), cafeterias and bistros.

         You can taste foreign cuisines in some foreign restaurants: Chinese, Italian, Mexican or Spanish.