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13. 11. 2009


1. Materials and patterns

- clothes can be made of various materials: wool, cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fibre

- they can have various patterns on them. They can be plain (that means "without a pattern", striped, patterned, flowered, dotted, checked).

2. Seasons and clothes

There are some clothes which are typical for some seasons. In winter, we usually wear coats, jackets, warm jumpers, cardigans, caps, scarves, warm trousers and boots. In autumn and spring, we can wear light jackets or anoraks, because it is not as cold as in winter, but we often need an umbrella because it often rains. In summer, shorts, bermudas, skirts, dresses, T-shirts and tops are usual. If we go swimming, we put on a swimsuit  or bikini (women), or bathing slips (men).

3. Clothes and occasions

For school, we mostly wear casually. That means, we wear comfortable clothes because we have to sit in the classroom for several hours. Young people like to wear jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts and jumpers. In their free time they wear similar clothes.

When we are taking an exam or we want to go to a ball or when there is another festive occasion, we wear some festive clothes. Men usually wear suits, shirts and ties or bow ties. Women mostly wear long dresses or coctail dresses (shorter dress) and court shoes and they like to have beautiful hairstyles and make up.

4. Where can you buy clothes? What possibilities do we have in the CR?

We can get our clothes in quality shops. Boutiques are mostly the most expensive shops but you can be sure that no one else will wear the same piece. Some people like clothing labels: some of them are high quality but mostly you pay a high price for the label. Lots of people do their shopping in Vietnamese shops . They mostly sell low quality goods but you pay a low price for them.

5. Your own likes and dislikes: (ZPRACUJTE SAMI)

What are your favourite clothes for school and free time? Do you like clothing labels or do you think it is not necessary to spend a lot on clothes? Do you follow the latest fashion?

6. Fashion, Fashion designers

There are some world centres of fashion (Paris, Rome, London) where successful fashion designers are concentrated. There are also some famous designers in the Czech Republic. Fashion shows are an introduction of a new collection. Mostly the clothes are not for normal casual wearing. Celebrities mostly have their own fashion designer who designs clothes for them.

7. Modelling

Photo models have to be tall and thin. Some people think they are too skinny and cause a complex with young girls who then suffer from anorexia or bulimia.

The plus side of being a model: they travel a lot in their job, they meet new people and celebrities, they take are invited for big parties, they earn big sums of money.

The negative side: they are chased by paparazzis, their relationships and love-affairs are widely known, they can't eat what they want and they always have to be careful about their figure and the way the look.

8. Fashion styles connected to a specific lifestyle and opinions:

-emo-style: they tend to be depressive. They prefer black and white patterns (mostly checked), red and bright pink colour. They have their own radios.

- in the past: hippie style:  they like freedom, love, loose clothes, long shirts, long hair, ponchos etc. In the past this movement was connected with taking drugs. They protested for example against the Vietnamese war.

- punk: black clothes, cheeros, crazy haircolours, leather bracelets with studs; punk revolts again hardrockers, hippies, politics and power; it is anarchistic

- rockers: tight black jeans, long hair, rough look

- skateboarders: hooded sweatshirt (hoodies), special caps, hooded jackets, skate shoes, skate jeans